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Why more fans want printed material from online writers

At Screenbreak, we’re helping writers to offer audiences something different. The internet will remain the place where you’re found, shared, and discussed — that’s without a doubt. But it might not be the place where you’re read, particularly if your art is long-form content.

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What does excessive screen time do to your brain?

Our excessive use of screens didn’t begin with the pandemic — and it’s unlikely to end with it either. But what is all this screen time doing to us? What effects is it having for our brain and our ability to concentrate? That’s what we want to dig into in this article.

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Research-backed benefits of reading on paper

When we sit down to dig into a long or complex text, like a piece of investigative journalism, say, or an industry report, we’ll often struggle. Something doesn’t click. The information doesn’t quite “go in”. And we get distracted easily. Why? Well, that’s what we want to discuss in this article.

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